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What kinds of men do you meet?
As long as you are respectful and clean and organised in giving me details about our meeting then nothing else has a bearing at all.
Do you smoke, drink or take drugs?
I consider myself a non smoker – however – i occasionally will join you if the mood takes me, if I am offered.  I do take my health seriously so this would only be on the odd occasion.  I do not take recreational drugs.

What food do you like?
I am a vegetarian, however I have NEVER had any problems ordering food in any restaurant.  Please don’t try to find special restaurants as this is unnecessary.

Can you wear something specific?
Yes and I can also go shopping for special occasions or we can go shopping together.  Please tell me information about the event so that i can plan what I will wear.

I have emailed you and have had no response.
If I do not think you are genuine I will ignore you. Through experience and intuition it is immediately apparent to me when someone is attempting to waste my time.  Another reason can be that because I am busy I prioritise enquiries where the gentleman is most forthcoming and mindful.  If you are genuine, with every enquiry, even if I am busy, I will reply at the very least quite quickly.  
PLEASE EMAIL AS WELL AS TEXT/CALL.  I may be on holiday or away so if you catch me in two ways then I'm likely to get back to you quicker.