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Eve Richardson
+44 7535 910469

Arrangement and Prices

As you might imagine each arrangement is different, but below are general prices and beyond this we can discuss arrangements.   We would most certainly chat on the phone beforehand; you can email, call or text, in fact this is a good way of you opening your enquiry.  Skype call may be necessary for booking medium to long bookings. 

Dates Time Together Regular Affair

1 hour - £300
2 hours - £500
3 hours - £650
4 hour  - £700
Over-night - £1,500
7pm until 11am

Extended overnight whole day and overnight - £2,000
e.g. - 12 noon Monday until 11 am Tuesday
Whole night and next day
e.g. 7pm Monday until 6pm Tuesday

Weekend - £3,000
e.g. Friday evening 7pm to Sunday morning 10 am

Long Weekend -
e.g. Friday evening 7pm until Monday morning 10am £4,000

1 week - £7,000

We can meet regularly, similarly and with flexibility with an arrangement. My point being that I will look after your needs with my diary and simply requires both planning ahead and flexibility for immediate and spur of the moment plans.

As a price guide refer to previous columns for an estimate for the arrangement you have in mind.



  • Let me know something about the time we will be spending together so that I have some background information about you and what you would like us to do.
  • Give me as much notice as possible.  If not enough is given the appointment may not take place. 
  • Get in touch about last minute arrangements;  I will accommodate you where I can.


  • Be vague.  For safety reasons I'd like to know your real name, occupation and place of residence. Also maybe a business website, something like that.  I don't want to sound too stringent but I imagine you know where I'm coming from.  As for my treatment of your identity and your interests, it is a fact that my discretion and trust is absolute now and forever.
  • Ask me for my real name.  Apologies if this is seems unfair in terms of my non-disclosure in comparison but i hope this makes sense to you.  For example I would book a flight with your deposit.
  • Ask me to spend extra time with you for no compensation - such as shopping or dinner or coffee.