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About Me

How I Became A Courtesan

Hi there, my name is Eve Richardson.  I am a courtesan (as you may have already gathered from the name of my website!) which is essentially a word for a paid for girlfriend, more on this in a bit. Anyway, a little more about myself... I was a successful escort for 2 years. More and more I spent a larger portion of my time on longer repeat bookings which occurred more and more regularly.  For want of a less pretentious word I became due to demand, more 'exclusive' to an increasingly minimal client base.

So like how 'high class escort' was, and still is, a buzz term for a paid for companion who thinks she is or actually is better than the average escort, the term 'courtesan' is now what's sometimes overused and misused as an incorrect definition for an escort's genuine activity.

Well... I am a courtesan.  I have a small quota of regular clients with whom I spend much quality time! Hopefully the reasons that my time spent as a companion came to be this way are because I'm talented at fulfilling this role, I can only assume this is the case! Probably also because I am good looking, but am I THE best looking girl in the world?  I'll assume I'm not- so it's obviously more than just looks.  I am fantastically natural to be with. No matter how we acknowledge our arrangement, somehow, it's the case that you will feel like my boyfriend; that's just the way it effortlessly pans out, when you spend time with me.

There are a few cliches coming up next but they are true so I'll go for it!  I'm a very positive person and I enjoy the setting and mood wherever I am and with any company that I find myself with.  I'm super sensual and probably the best!  Like I have already said - I'm nice and normal but will extend this sentiment by mentioning that I'm also unique in my own special way of course.  You can find that I'm very professional and organised too... and strict, and submissive, and attentive, nice, fun, smart... well I think I've rattled on enough. That's me! Look forward to hearing from you and of course meeting you. xXx


What Some Clients Have Kindly Said About Me


Eve's photo's are very accurate, however, as I always say, the photo's are no comparison to the real thing.  Eve is very pretty with a cute smile and a sexy wonderful figure, but there one thing the photos don't portray to it's full extent is that Eve has a very naughty glint in her eye.
Eve is cool, calm and collected and came across as being, friendly, chatty and intelligent, she is also softly spoken which made me feel completely at ease and very welcomed in her friendly company.



To touch, her body is firm, toned with just the right amount of feminine softness.
This was not the first encounter I've had with Eve so rather than breaking the ice we caught up with what had been going on since the last time.  Eve is articulate, intelligent and a great conversationalist.
She is also open minded when it comes to suggestions.



Eve is very toned, just like in her pictures and lovely green eyes.  In a nutshell, she has a body to die for.
We immediately hit it off.  Did I mention she is charming :)



I have been waiting to meeting up with Eve for a long time. I am a gentleman and I will not go into any detail of our date but I may just state Eve was on time, never looked at the time, on the contrary... I would describe the date as meeting a well known Friend from the moment she rang the bell at my door...I was stunned and speechless when I saw Eve.  I had the most amazing, exciting, incredible, romantic and unforgettable experience I ever had with the most exciting, fantastic, fragrant, gentle, happy, polite, sweet, natural, great conversation, music and picking food lover, spontaneous and most erotic Young Lady!  Eve knows very well how and where to press all the right buttons.  Genuinely and honestly I am feeling Eve enjoyed very much our date... Time just flew in her great and happy company.  Gentlemen, Eve is a Rose to be treated with the greatest respect!



Eve is absolutely stunning, and was dressed to perfection, and beautifully made up.  The pictures on her profile are accurate but as is occasionally stated the pictures DON'T do her justice!!
Definitely far better looking in the flesh.
I found Eve totally outgoing and relaxed.  Conversation was easy enough and she does have a beautiful voice too.  She is obviously well educated, articulate and confident within herself. I get the impression that she could succeed in any profession she chooses 
Sooooo glad I met her in her current profession.......
She also has great taste in cars. lol